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Utilizing Doctors Assistance

Q: I've just died! What's my next step?

A: Use the chat command /alertdoctor  or /offlinedoc to issue an alert. Alternatively, activate the menu with F6, select 'Doctor', then 'Call doctor'. This signals all in-game doctors that you require assistance, pinpointing your location on the map..


Q: No doctor has responded to my call in the chat. What should I do?

A: Politely inquire once in the chat if any doctors are available to respond to your call. If there's no response, it's likely due to the absence of doctors or your location being too remote for timely assistance. In such cases, proceed to respawn.


Q: A doctor is on their way, but I'm eligible to respawn now. What's my best course of action?

A: Please wait for the doctor's arrival. Remember, doctors often pause their own roleplay to assist players; it's important not to disregard their effort. Use the waiting time constructively, perhaps by reflecting or planning.


Q: I've been waiting for a doctor for a long time (over 10 minutes). What now?

A: If a doctor has acknowledged your call but hasn't arrived or informed you of a delay (due to unforeseen issues like disconnection), you may choose to respawn.


Q: The doctor has arrived! How should I proceed?

A: Engage in the roleplay scenario with your doctor. They might move you to a safer spot or provide on-site medical care. It's crucial to roleplay your injuries consistently with the situation, and interact with your doctor post-revival. Exiting the scene without participating in roleplay is considered a breach of roleplay etiquette.


Q: My interaction with the doctor was unsatisfactory; they didn't engage or left abruptly. What's my next step?

A: Report the incident by sending a telegram in-game to Morgan Colt detailing the poor service so it can be addressed appropriately.


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