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I’ve loaded into the server, now what?


Congratulations on creating your character and joining our server! You're now ready to dive into the world of 1883. To help you navigate your first steps and make the most of your experience, we've compiled this guide. Remember, as a role-playing (RP) server, the majority of your information and interactions should occur in-game, in character. Avoid relying on discord text channels for in-game information.


Transitioning to RedM: If you're new to RedM or transitioning from FiveM, note that the pace here is significantly slower. It's all about the journey, not the destination. Rushing to accumulate wealth or items quickly might mean missing out on valuable interactions and RP opportunities that could lead to more fulfilling roles and experiences. This server prioritizes role-play over rapid progression, offering a distinct experience from RDO.


Starting Out in RP: Don't worry if you're new to role-playing or unsure about your character. A simple greeting and introduction can go a long way when you meet others. People are generally welcoming and willing to assist newcomers who approach them with respect and a genuine desire to engage. For example, rather than abruptly asking about making money, try introducing yourself and expressing your interest in finding work or learning about the area. Sharing your character's goals might even lead to valuable connections and advice on starting your chosen career.


Finding Other Players: Major towns like Valentine, Rhodes, and Blackwater are popular gathering spots. Activity levels vary, with evenings and weekends (especially after 6 PM MST) typically being busier due to the player base's geographic distribution. However, with a global community, you can find interaction at almost any time.


Getting Equipped: You'll start with some initial funds to cover basic needs. Familiar locations from RDO or RDR2 such as gunsmiths, general stores, and stables will be your first stops. Use your map to locate these essentials and explore other interesting points for in-game discoveries.


Earning Your Keep: Initial survival gear includes a weapon, a horse, food, and water. Consider acquiring a tool like a pickaxe, lumberaxe, or gold pan for resource gathering.

Here are some basics:

Hunting: Choose your weapons wisely to maintain the quality of pelts for selling.

Mining: Use Pickaxes to collect ores for sale or trade. Mostly to the Blacksmith.

Panning: Gold panning can yield various sellable items, including gems. These items can be sold to the Jewler and the Gold Exchange.

Lumber Harvesting: Collect wood for use in crafting or sale, beneficial for Gunsmiths and Blacksmiths.

Seeking Employment: For more structured roles, engage with the community. Check bulletin boards, job recruitment channels, or directly approach individuals or businesses in your field of interest. Many roles are available, from crafting to law enforcement, so explore what aligns with your character's aspirations.


Advancing Your Career: To move beyond basic tasks, network within the community. The Bulletin Board and Job Recruiting channels are great resources for finding openings or soliciting advice on getting started in specific careers. Don't hesitate to inquire directly about opportunities that interest you.


This guide is just the beginning. Your journey in Colts Crossing is what you make of it, so immerse yourself, explore, and enjoy the rich role-playing experience we offer!


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