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In the world outside town boundaries, the principle of "first come, first served" applies to land claims. Utilizing the camp system, players can mark territory as their own. It's then your responsibility to secure and develop this land into a homestead, complete with tents, and campfires. Over time, what starts as a simple plot can transform into a bustling community, like turning "Outlanders" Camp into its own town, with residents and businesses thriving on your land. To start, obtain a camp flag and camp license from any general store. When arranging your campsite, ensure that furniture and props do not obstruct access to the camp flag to avoid menu access issues, as developers cannot reposition these items for you.

Detailed Guidelines

Land claims deemed unreasonable will face RP-based consequences, including scrutiny and potential intervention by the Pinkerton Detective Agency for law violations or imposition of taxes for excessively large properties.

Camp Flags

Flags are not applicable for claiming houses, whether they are enterable or not. Houses will be put up for sale periodically. For those interested in custom homes, a donation option will be available to have a house placed on your claimed land, details of which will be announced in due course.

Post-election of mayors, landowners are encouraged to submit a land claim document to the nearest town for record-keeping, including the owner's name, intended property use, and a visual representation of the claimed area.

Resolving Land Conflicts

Land disputes are intended to enrich RP, potentially leading to legendary feuds reminiscent of historical rivalries. In cases where the same land is claimed by multiple parties, resolution can be achieved through:

  • Negotiating a buyout, complete with a formal agreement, to relinquish the contested claim.

  • Seeking a mayoral decision on the dispute, though the ruling is not enforceable by server rules.

  • Resolving the conflict through combat, with the victor securing the land.

It's important to note that disputes over land and camp raids are to be resolved within the game, in character, and are not grounds for staff intervention unless server rules are breached. For inquiries about land claims or related systems, engage with the community in the server-discussion forum for guidance and answers.


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