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To embark on your entrepreneurial journey, open a ticket in the discord to secure a shop token from an Admin. Utilize this token from your inventory to establish your own business, whether it's a general store, saloon, produce market, or any other venture you envision. Owning a shop allows you to retail various items and set up consignment slots for others to sell their goods directly to your store. Note, these shops come without pre-assigned roles or staff; you are the sole proprietor of your establishment. Should you decide to transfer ownership, contact support for assistance in transitioning the shop to its new proprietor. Each player is limited to one active shop.

Shop placement is flexible, with a few restrictions. Your shop cannot occupy residential property you don't own, illogical locations (such as an open field), or areas that obstruct access to non-player shops/services (like stables or butchers). Violating these guidelines results in immediate shop removal, forfeiture of assets within, and the necessity to acquire a new token for shop reinstatement.

Shops can be situated near others; however, competition may attract attention from the Pinkerton agency, potentially leading to warnings or actions against perceived monopolies.

Maintain a minimum of $1650 in your shop's tax ledger by the 15th of each month to avoid repossession and total loss of the shop's contents. This rule applies universally to all token-based shops.

Not all businesses require a storefront. If your venture, such as a transport service, hunting guide, or mercenary work, doesn't need a physical shop, simply organize your services and start promoting.

Specialized Businesses

Specific businesses like gunsmithing, blacksmithing, brewing, and wagon-making are limited. Secure yours quickly as it's first-come, first-served. For purchase, submit a Support Ticket for administrative setup assistance. Once approved and purchased a shop token will be given to you for your new venture, enabling access to essential crafting capabilities.

If the desired specialty business is not listed as available, it indicates all positions are filled. Aspiring professionals must then seek employment opportunities directly from existing business owners in these fields.

Be warned, the Pinkerton agency monitors all business activities closely. Neglecting stock levels, advertising, order fulfillment, or general business maintenance risks your enterprise being offered to a more diligent proprietor.

We wish all our budding entrepreneurs the best of luck in their business endeavors!


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