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Farming Guide


Venturing into agriculture allows you to cultivate produce and materials for crafting, feeding your horse, or selling to others. Farming is straightforward and accessible, requiring minimal initial investment. As a farmer, you play a pivotal role in the economy, supplying essential raw materials needed for a variety of goods such as food, beverages, gun parts, and textiles. By staying attuned to market demands and forging connections across professions, savvy farmers can turn a significant profit.


Kickstarting Your Farming Journey

To begin farming, you'll need a set of basic tools available at Farmers Markets indicated on the map by a wheat (or feather-like) icon. While land ownership isn't a prerequisite for farming, using someone else’s land without permission could lead to disputes.

Essential Farming Steps:
1. Purchasing Farming Supplies:

  • Navigate to a Farmers Market to acquire necessary and optional farming tools.

Necessary Tools:

  • Garden Hoe (a one-time purchase)

  • Watering Can (reusable)

  • Seeds

Optional Enhancements:

  • Plant Trimmer (boosts yield, one-time purchase)

  • Fertilizers (reduces growth time, single-use)

2. Initiating the Farming Process:

  • With your tools and seeds ready, select a suitable farming location.

  • Plant your seeds by double-clicking them in your inventory and following the on-screen instructions.

Farming Mechanics Explained:

  • After planting, you can immediately use trimmers and fertilizers (if available). A green countdown on the crops indicates the time until harvest.

  • Watering is crucial as the harvest approaches, with requirements varying by crop. The countdown turns red, signaling the need to water your plants. Use the watering can on each plant as prompted.

  • Harvest-ready crops will prompt you when approached.

  • Watering cans are refillable at water pumps or specially equipped wagons found around the map.

Utilizing Your Harvest:

Crops serve multiple purposes: nourishment for players and horses, ingredients for recipes offering health benefits, and materials like cotton and rubber for crafting high-quality items. Stay informed about current demands to maximize your farming profits.


Recommended Practices:

Recording your farming sessions is advisable to provide evidence in case of glitches or crop loss, allowing you to request compensation from server staff. A first-time compensation may be granted without evidence, but subsequent claims require documented proof.


Embrace the role of a farmer to contribute significantly to the community’s economy and enjoy the fruits of your labor both literally and figuratively.


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