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Ranching Guide


  • Engaging in ranching is a lucrative and interactive way to earn income on the server. While it demands effort and dedication, the satisfaction of herding your livestock to market and securing a profit is rewarding. This overview offers a basic framework for initiating your ranching journey, with further inquiries welcome via the admin team or through in-character interactions with fellow ranchers.


  • Launching Your Ranching Business

  • Ranching can be pursued alongside other professions. To start, visit a Job Board located at telegram/train stations across the map.


  • Acquiring Land for Your Ranch:

  • A prerequisite for ranching is land ownership, which can be achieved in two ways:


  • Owning a House with Land:

  • If your property includes sufficient space for ranching, submit a support ticket for an admin to facilitate ranch placement.


  • Claiming Land:

  • Purchase a camp flag and license from a general store, set them up on your desired land, and notify an admin via a support ticket to have a ranch placed. Land disputes must be resolved before further administrative action regarding ranch placement.


  • Each property or camp flag allows for one ranch setup, regardless of land size. Additional ranches require more land claims.


  • Preparation for Ranch Placement:


  • Be present on your land to meet with an admin.

  • Decide on a name for your ranch.


Ranch Management:


  • Upon ranch setup, initiate ranching activities with the command /ranchstart in chat, which marks your ranch location on the map.


Ranch Features Include:


  • Ranch Condition: Improved by performing chores, affecting livestock quality post-herding.

  • Caretaking: Engage in chores to enhance your ranch's environment. Chores can be selected and placed within your ranch area.

  • Livestock Management: Purchase animals, assign care locations, and herd or water animals to improve quality.

  • Employee Oversight: Hire or dismiss ranch employees.

  • Financial Ledger: Manage ranch finances, crucial for animal purchases.

  • Ranch Storage: Utilize for any ranch-related storage needs.


Selling Livestock:


When animals reach 100% quality, herd them to designated market areas (marked by a hat-wearing man icon) to sell and earn profit. Beware of risks like cattle rustling, predators, or bandits during herding. Collaborating with friends or employees can safeguard your livestock.


Further Assistance:


For additional ranching queries or technical issues, reach out through discord support tickets. Recording ranching activities, especially during sales or herding, is advised to document any potential glitches for administrative review. The first compensation for lost animals requires no proof, but further claims will necessitate evidence, underscoring the importance of recording your ranching endeavors.


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