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Team Kryptec was born out of a shared passion for gaming among a circle of friends. Faced with the challenge of finding a non-whitelisted FiveM RP server that didn't suffer from admin power abuse, we decided to take matters into our own hands and establish our own server.

Our Mission

At Kryptec, our mission is to cultivate a community united by a love for gaming. We aim to provide a haven where individuals can unwind from life's pressures and enjoy some leisure time. Our commitment is to continually enhance the gaming experience by embracing community feedback and suggestions.


We proudly run one active server on RedM and used to run two distinct servers to cater to varying gamer preferences on FiveM:

  1. RedM Serious Roleplay Server: This server is perfect for players who love a deep dive into role-play, offering roles that help give a real feel. Set in the vibrant and untamed Wild West in the year 1883. It invites you to explore vast frontiers, face off against wild challenges, and strive for survival, all while building friendships. Our community is passionate about creating unforgettable role-play adventures, immersing you in the excitement and camaraderie of the Wild West. Join us for a journey filled with thrilling encounters and stories waiting to be told.

  2. NOW RETIRED FiveM Serious Roleplay Server: This server is dedicated to those who appreciate a more immersive role-playing experience, featuring whitelisted law enforcement roles that adhere to strict guidelines for authenticity. Set against the backdrop of Utah, our community is devoted to delivering top-notch RP encounters.

  3. NOW RETIRED FiveM Freeroam Server: Designed for those moments when you just want to relax and have fun with friends, our Freeroam server is equipped with an array of addon maps, vehicles, and scripts, providing endless entertainment without any constraints.

So if you're in search of serious roleplay mixed with casual gaming, we invite you to explore what Kryptec has to offer. Join us and become part of our growing gaming community!


©2024 by Team Kryptec.

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