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In all our ranks, there's a set of qualities a body's got to hold. Below, we've laid out the skills deemed necessary for any soul lookin' to join our ranks, skills we aim to hone further through our training.

While on the trail as a sworn U.S Marshal, you're expected to:

  • Have a sharp tongue and pen for the English language.

  • Carry yourself with honesty and give respect where it's due.

  • Make your choices with a clear head and a steady hand.

  • Treat others with kindness, understanding their ways and working well with them.

  • Pull your weight as part of the posse.

  • Keep a level head and stick to the code of conduct.

  • Aim high and hit your mark with each mission you ride out on.


The U.S Marshals Service is ever on the hunt for strong-hearted folks keen on lending a hand 'round their towns and maintainin' the peace. Fancy joinin' up? You can talk with a marshal in the game or send a pigeon via Discord to throw your hat in the ring today.

U.S Marshal Ranks

Territory Marshal - Marhsal Fluffers

Deputy Territory Marshal -

Head Marshal: 



Talk with a Marshal or go here
to apply today.



Rank Structure

Territory Marshal

The Territory Marshal stands as the commanding beacon of law and order, guiding the marshal's service with a steady hand. Holding court with the ranks beneath, this marshal gathers wisdom from the ground, weaving it into strategies to fortify our cause across the untamed lands.

Deputy Territory Marshal

The Deputy Territory Marshal, the right hand of the Territory Marshal, keeps a keen eye on the pulse of our operations. This marshal bridges the divide between the dusty trails of duty and the strategic counsel, ensuring no detail escapes notice as we chart our course through law's frontier.

Lemoyne State Marshal

The Lemoyne State Marshal, a steadfast commander of the plains, oversees the vast patrols under the banner of justice. With a watchful gaze, this marshal commands the respect of the ranks, addressing concerns and steering the course of our endeavors with the wisdom of experience.

New Hanover State Marshal

The New Hanover State Marshal, guardian of order, stands vigilant over the sergeants and their duties. This marshal ensures the machinery of justice runs smoothly, upholding our standards and practices with an unwavering commitment to the code of the west.

Ambarino State Marshal

The Ambarino State Marshal, the first mark of leadership in the wilds, mentors the corporals with a firm yet guiding hand. In the thick of duty, this marshal carves paths through chaos, directing our force with the acumen of a seasoned trailblazer.

West Elizabeth State Marshal

The West Elizabeth State Marshal, in the crucible of training, hones the future of our corps. Under the tutelage of experience, these corporals learn the ropes of command, preparing to steer their own tales of justice on the frontier.

Chief Deputy

The Chief Deputy, distinguished among peers, rises through valor and duty. These marshals, with badges polished by acts of courage and wisdom, lead by example, ready to take the reins when shadows loom on the horizon.


The Deputy, the backbone of our service, embarks on the journey of upholding law and order from this first stride. Released from the forge of probation, they patrol our lands with vigilance, their deeds laying the foundation for a legacy written under the wide-open skies.

Probationary Deputy

The initial step on the ladder of the U.S Marshals Service, this here's the starting point for every Marshal fresh off the trail of recruitment.

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