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       Diving into the life of an outlaw is a captivating facet of the RedM community.

       This guide aims to illuminate the plethora of avenues available for those wishing to explore the darker side of the         law in Colts Crossing.

       It provides tips and insights into embracing a criminal persona, enhancing your experience and that of others                 within the server.


  • Key recommendations from our staff, drawn from extensive gameplay and community interactions, are shared to guide you. While adherence to these suggestions is not mandatory, incorporating them can significantly enrich your server experience.

  • Understanding and abiding by server rules is paramount. These guidelines ensure fair and enjoyable roleplay for all—criminals and law-abiding citizens alike. Familiarize yourself with rules, especially those concerning player versus player (PvP) interactions. Ignorance is no defense; seek clarifications proactively. Adhering strictly to engagement and robbery rules is essential for fostering quality roleplay.

  • The use of clipping software is advised. Ensure it captures both in-game audio and visuals, saving at least one-minute-long clips. This practice, while not obligatory for reporting infractions, greatly assists the staff in reviewing incidents.

  • Reflect on your character's motivations and background. Why have they chosen the outlaw path? What are their aspirations? Developing a detailed backstory and objectives not only enhances your roleplay experience but also enriches interactions with others.

  • Consider how your character and their group, if applicable, integrate with the wider community. Engaging with the broader roleplay narrative can be more rewarding than isolated gameplay.

  • Respect fellow players—both victims of your crimes and law enforcement officers—as integral to your roleplay experience. Their participation enables the criminal dynamics. Viewing them as mere targets or adversaries can isolate you and limit roleplay opportunities.

    What Does Criminal Life Entail?

  • The path of criminality is not monolithic; it offers diverse options catering to different interests. Whether engaging in illegal trade, organizing heists, or attempting to influence the political landscape, your actions can significantly impact the server's narrative. Collaborating with friends or forming a gang opens up additional opportunities, from securing territories to engaging in complex robberies.

  • Gangs with a consistent and positive roleplay track record can apply for whitelisting, gaining access to exclusive activities and responsibilities. This status requires adherence to server rules and a commitment to quality roleplay.

Whitelisting Criteria for Gangs


  • ​The official name of your group or gang.

  • A minimum of five members within your gang, including the character names and Discord usernames for each member.

  • Proof of active participation as a gang on the server for no less than 30 days, demonstrating regular involvement with your gang characters and a noticeable contribution to the roleplay (RP) community.

  • Establishment of a gang camp on the server map, with all gang members included. A screenshot indicating the camp's location must be provided.

  • A unique identifier for your gang, such as a specific color or item of clothing that sets your members apart from others. This could be a unique shirt, coat, belt buckle, or a uniform color scheme for your clothing. Please note, the color black is not permitted as a unique identifier due to its common usage among players, making it difficult to distinguish your gang.

  • Documentation of high-quality RP, with no recorded rule violations for any gang member in the past 90 days.

  • A descriptive paragraph about your gang, consisting of at least four complete sentences. This should outline the origins of your gang, its objectives, potential achievements of these goals, and notable contributions to RP that highlight your gang's uniqueness and exemplify why it stands as a model of quality criminal RP.

    Engaging in the game's criminal activities doesn't require undergoing the whitelisting process.
    The development team continually strives to enhance and broaden the game's features, ensuring an engaging experience for both criminals and law enforcement.
    Listed below are various criminal undertakings available to you, along with some introductory guidance.
    For more detailed information, in-game exploration and interaction are key.
    Remember, this is a role-playing (RP) server, and the essence of our community is built on collaborative storytelling and interactions.
    If you're reluctant to communicate and forge connections with a diverse array of server inhabitants, you might miss out on significant aspects of the game.
    The listed activities are designed to enrich the gameplay for criminal factions but are not intended to overshadow the importance of high-quality RP within your group and the broader community.
    Limiting your gameplay to repetitive criminal acts like store robberies or drug trafficking could quickly become monotonous.

                        Criminal Activities Overview

    Initiating Player Robberies

  • Start with a verbal announcement to ensure the target player has time to comprehend and react. Remember, engaging in PvP and robbery requires adherence to server guidelines. While attempting robberies solo carries risks, it can be immensely rewarding with well-executed roleplay. Be aware that victims can silently alert law enforcement, adding a layer of urgency to your actions. Strive for fairness and aim to provide quality roleplay experiences. Engaging directly with another player means you must also be prepared for their possible retaliation. It’s crucial to remember that killing a compliant player or failing to control your aggression could leave you without loot and needing to retreat.

    Store Robberies

  • Robbery prompts are activated upon entering AI-managed general stores, setting off a timer for you to crack safes and grab loot before law enforcement responds. Initiating a robbery notifies all nearby law enforcement NPCs and players, possibly including a cooldown to allow law officers to engage interactively. Successful robberies yield cash and valuable items.

    Fortress and Mansion Heists

  • Targeting locations like forts Wallace and Mercer or the St Denis mansion demands preparation for intense combat, rewarding successful robbers with substantial loot but at significant risk. These locations are guarded more heavily by AI, requiring more than a simple smash-and-grab approach.

    Bank Robberies

    Considered the apex of heists, banks offer the highest rewards but also the greatest risk. After breaking into a vault, your location becomes known to law enforcement, requiring careful planning and insider information to succeed. These heists necessitate advanced preparation and the acquisition of special equipment through in-game connections.

    Train and Wagon Heists

  • Information on valuable cargo can lead to lucrative train robberies or wagon heists, though law enforcement will be alerted to your plans. Success depends on overcoming guards and securing the loot before law enforcement arrives.

     Oil Field Betrayals

  • Working for the Cornwall Oil Company offers the chance to betray the employer for personal gain, though such actions will erode any positive standing you’ve built through your employment.

    Illicit Goods

  • Starting with finding a black market, players can engage in a complex process of growing, processing, and selling drugs, with the risk of attracting law enforcement attention.


  • A complete system allows for the production and sale of moonshine, requiring careful ingredient selection and the potential for conflict with law enforcement or rival producers.


  • Exclusive to whitelisted gangs for cultivation, yet any criminal with the appropriate knowledge can process and sell marijuana, facing similar risks as other drug activities.

Beyond the Scripted Activities

  • The game supports a wide range of criminal endeavors beyond those directly facilitated by game mechanics. From running protection rackets to uncovering political corruption or leading rebellions, players are encouraged to creatively engage with the world and its inhabitants. Successful roleplay hinges on collaboration, negotiation, and sometimes confrontation with other characters. Staff support is available for rule clarification and feasibility advice, but the initiation and execution of complex roleplays rest in the players’ hands. Remember, actions have consequences within the game world, shaping future interactions and opportunities.

  • In summary, while the game provides various scripted activities for criminals, the richness of the experience lies in the players’ hands. Engage with the community, explore creative avenues for interaction, and remember that balance and respect for all players enhance the roleplaying environment for everyone involved.

  • Your criminal pursuits should complement, not replace, engaging roleplay interactions. Ambitious endeavors like  protection rackets, exposing corruption, or stirring rebellion enrich the narrative fabric of Colts Crossing.

  • In summary, while the game provides various scripted activities for criminals, the richness of the experience lies in the players’ hands. Engage with the community, explore creative avenues for interaction, and remember that balance and respect for all players enhance the roleplaying environment for everyone involved.


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