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Welcome to the Team Kryptec Community.

Team Kryptec thrives on a shared passion for gaming and a commitment to improving ourselves and those around us. We've poured countless hours into creating a culture, a lifestyle, for our member base that loves our unique and genuine approach to role-play. We take pride in entertaining an amazing community, always aiming to be better today than we were yesterday. Our love for role-play drives us to stand out, be true to ourselves, and enjoy what we do best.

Thinking about joining us?

We can't wait for you to join us on any of our servers. Spend some time browsing through the our website and the different Departments we have. You'll find everything organized under tabs, ready for both new and current members. Applications for our white-listed departments are reviewed within a day or two (unless stated otherwise), and you can apply right from the discord by finding the option you're interested in and clicking on it. Make sure to read through all the instructions and rules before sending in your application. If you have any questions or need some direction, feel free to reach out to our staff through our discord. They will help with any questions just create a ticket for them.

Our Community's Age Limit

We maintain an age limit to ensure our community stays focused on our goals.
Anyone aged 18 and above is welcome to join our RedM Server, we used to offer an option for those 16+ on FiveM but those projects have been retired. Doing this helps us in creating a mature space for all adults to enjoy and feel comfortable in.


Thank You

We want to express heartfelt thanks to our staff, administrators, fans, and all members of the Kryptec community for your dedication and for thriving in this community we cherish as our home.

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