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The department is always looking for individuals dedicated to serving and protecting the public of Los Santos. Applications for the Utah Highway Patrol are open for the first week of every month.

Highway Patrol Administration Ranks

Highway Commissioner  - 

Assistant Commissioner -

Highway Captain - 

Highway Captain -  

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All of our Departments require a number of traits that you possess. We have listed some of the skills which we would consider a requirement for an applicant so that it can be built on during training.

On Duty

As an active officer of the Salt Lake Police Department, you must be able to:

• Fluently speak , read, and write in English

• Be honest, as well as respectful

• Make decisions with clear judgment

• Respect others with sensitivity and possess interpersonal skills

• Work efficiently as a team member

• Remain mature and must show discipline

• Set and achieve personal goals each patrol

Rank Structure

Highway Commissioner

The Highway Commissioner oversees all operations of the police department. The Commissioner meets regularly with all supervisors and receives their input for ways to make the department as effective as possible.

Assistant Commissioner

The Assistant Commissioner keeps the Highway Commissioner informed of all operational activities. Ensures the activities of the administrative and operational side of the Highway Department. They oversee operations and help the Commissioner along with the other high ranking members in making decisions.

Highway Captain

Captains are the highest ranking Troopers that don't have an administrative position. They oversee large patrols and act as a watch commander. They report to the Administrative Ranks about the progress of any and all patrol units. Most things brought to them by Lieutenants are handled by them unless they deem it necessary to work up the chain of command.

Highway Lieutenant

Lieutenants oversee all sergeants positions in patrol. Occasionally, they will do checks on all of the standard operating procedures. Ensuring structures are being followed.

Highway Sergeant

Sergeants coach Corporals. Sergeants are the first official rank on the chain of command. They are in game supervisors and take scene command and can assign units certain duties or beats.


Highway Corporal

The Corporals of the Highway Department are supervisors in training. Sergeants coach them on supervising techniques and disciplinary action. They help make decisions for the department.


Senior/Master Highway Trooper

Senior and Master Police Troopers are Troopers who have distinguished themselves by helping others and excelling at their duties. They are Troopers who can take initiative on scenes in-game when a supervisor isn't present.

Highway Trooper I - III

Highway Trooper status. This is where it all starts. Once released from a Probationary position they can have a normal patrol. Including duties such as traffic stops and responding to calls. As officers' skills progress, they begin to get the opportunity to rise through the ranks.

Probationary Trooper

The first step in the career ladder with the Utah Highway Patrol. A entry-level rank given to all Troopers upon completing the Academy.

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Team Kryptec and Kryptec RP have no affiliation with the actual law enforcement of Utah. The Departments shown are for a gaming and roleplay purpose.

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