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Community Guidelines for Role-Playing

Character Creation and Development:

  1. Players are encouraged to develop characters with unique personalities and backgrounds, unaware of the city's global events or inhabitants upon entry.

  2. Actions must be purposeful and align with the character's story.

  3. Aim to enrich the role-playing experience for others through dialogue and interaction, favoring it over forceful means like weapons.

Maintaining a Respectful Environment:

  1. Aggressive, disrespectful, bullying, or any form of toxic behavior is strictly prohibited.

  2. Discriminatory remarks or actions, including those based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or other sensitive topics, are not tolerated.

  3. Minimum Punishment: Determined by administrative discretion.

Guidelines Against Meta Gaming:

  1. Using information obtained outside the game to gain an advantage within the game is forbidden.

  2. External communications must be integrated into role-play.

  3. In-game actions must not be influenced by out-of-game discussions.

  4. Viewing other players' live streams to inform in-game decisions is prohibited.

  5. Minimum Punishment: 3-day suspension.

Character Role:

  1. Players must consistently stay in character while in-game.

  2. Voice chat is to be used strictly for in-character communication.

  3. Usage of out-of-character (/ooc) chat should be kept to a minimum, reserved for reporting game mechanics issues or actions affecting role-play.

  4. Minimum Punishment: 3-day suspension.

Power Gaming:

  1. Forcing players into a single path or outcome within role-play is not allowed.

  2. Examples include demanding all money during a robbery or enforcing character death.

  3. Minimum Punishment: 3-day suspension.

Role-Playing Death / Permanent Death:

  1. "Respawning" is not permitted during active role-play scenes unless emergency services cannot respond.

  2. Players cannot be forced by others to role-play their character's death.

  3. Minimum Punishment: At the discretion of the administrators.

Combat Log / Purposeful Disconnect:

  1. Disconnecting to avoid role-play consequences during an active scene is against the rules.

  2. Minimum Punishment: 1-day ban.

Rejoining/Re-Injecting Role-Play Scenes:

  1. Once a scene is exited, re-entering the same role-play scenario is prohibited.

  2. Minimum Punishment: Determined by administrative discretion.


  1. Using game mechanics in unintended ways for advantage is strictly prohibited.

  2. Minimum Punishment: 1-month suspension and character reset.

Deathmatching (RDM/VDM):

  1. Engaging in combat without appropriate role-play initiation is forbidden.

  2. Minimum Punishment: 1-week ban.

Breaking Realism / Serious Role-Play:

  1. Actions that break the game's realism or serious role-play nature are not allowed.

  2. Minimum Punishment: 1-day ban.

Reporting Players:

  1. Player reports should primarily occur outside of gameplay to allow thorough review by the leadership team.

  2. In-game reports should be reserved for immediate issues like blatant rule violations.

  3. Reporting Method: Use in-game report functions or Discord for detailed reports.

Miscellaneous Rules:

  1. Characters must have realistic names and backgrounds.

  2. Certain scenarios are off-limits, including unrealistic behavior or forced interactions.

  3. Minimum Punishment: At the discretion of the administrators.

High Ranking Staff Disclaimer:

  • High Ranking Staff members may override the rules for role-play scenarios or special events, with prior notification to ensure proper administration.

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